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Fahylando was able to remove years of acne scars and hyperpigmentation from his face with just 2 simple products!

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From: Stacey Elma
Re: How to Remove the Acne Scars and Dark Spots From Your Face and Skin in 60 Days or Less

Dear Friend,

Can we trust any product sold in drug stores and fancy departments stores these days?

Often, the best solutions are the ones you don’t hear about from department store sales people.

Instead of throwing away your precious dollars on expensive skin blemish removal creams that make big promises and don’t work, one customer has discovered a skin combo that erased his acne scars, dark spots and years off his face in record time.

Read on to find out how it works!

Fahylando is a perfect example of how a little smart thinking and ingenuity can help you avoid unnecessary health risks and save you thousands of dollars in doctors’ bills on laser or other cosmetic skin treatments.

Like most people, Fahylando didn’t have the extra cash to try out every celebrity endorsed scar removal “miracle cream” out there, let alone splurge on expensive elective medical procedures, like microdermabrasion or laser treatments.

Before trying this simple trick, he admits he used to spend hours daily on an extensive skincare regimen consisting of different products, with seriously disappointing results. Each product made big claims promising to erase acne scars and return his youthful skin; and while Fahylando followed all their usage instructions to the letter, he saw no real results.

Frustrated and let down, he considered going so far as to have a risky and very expensive laser procedure. But the high cost (ranging anywhere from $5000 – $20,000+) and the horror stories of unfixable botched procedures convinced him that cosmetic treatments were not the solution he was looking for. He was determined to find a safe and affordable hyperpigmentation solution that would give him real lasting results and not leave him digging his way out of a huge financial debt.

Fahylando’s Solution:

After nearly a year of doing thorough research and speaking to other people about their own skincare habits, he learned of two products that were yielding real results and helping others take years off their skin and bring back their youthful appearance: Meladerm and AHA Exfoliating Serum by Civant Skin Care.


Only $49.99 (1.7 oz)

AHA Exfoliating Serum

Only $24.99 (1.0 oz)

While each of these products were proven to be effective individually, one night, Fahylando made an accidental discovery that would fast track his results: he combined them. After only a few days of using both products together in his daily skin routine, he saw noticeable results in the mirror. After just 53 days of using Meladerm and AHA Exfoliating Serum combined, the proof was staring him right in the face: this was giving him real results.
Fahylando Day 1

After the first day of using the products together, I was surprised at how they both made my skin feel a warm tingling sensation.

Fahylando Day 9

After nine days I was shocked
at the drastic results. The dark spots, and large pores – without question – were visibly reduced in size right before my eyes!

Fahylando Day 53

​After 53 days, not only had all my doubts and scepticism absolutely vanished – SO DID MY ACNE SPOTS AND HYPERPIGMENTATION!

Using the two products together, Fahylando’s results were noticeably better than what you’d find at medi-spas for $5,000 or more. This combination removed virtually 90% of all his acne scars, hyperpigmentation and problem areas. It tightened his face, removing all signs of uneven skin-tone, and dehydrated skin. Fahylando was able to see these dramatic skin discoloration results simply by using both the Meladerm and AHA Exfoliating Serum products for only 53 days.

His friends and family were all shocked. They were convinced he’d been secretly getting expensive treatments, because his skin looked years younger almost overnight! Soon, word got around and his friends starting using Fahylando’s method.

Fahylando is now one of thousands of men and women that share the same incredible story. Using this method, he effectively erased years from his skin. It’s changed his life and completely astonished everyone around him, even total strangers!

How Does it Work?

There are several reasons why Meladerm is far superior to many other products that are on the market today, specifically those that are commonly found in pharmacies and at the cosmetic counter of your department store. First of all, Meladerm does not contain hydroquinone, which has been shown to be extremely dangerous – yet it is still one of the most common ingredients found in other brands.

Through his research, Fahylando discovered that the real secret to why both products are so effective in cell revival and skin rejuvenation is that they include only natural, plant-based ingredients that have all been proven to be safe and effective at working together to erase hyperpigmentation at the cellular level – below the surface of the skin. In addition, the cream is provided in a special container that prevents oxygen from getting in and oxidizing the ingredients. This is very important if you want to get the best results possible.

Helps Reduce or Eliminate The Following Skin Concerns


Age Spots


Liver Spots


Sun Spots


Dark Spots


Dry Skin










Old Scars


Pimple Scars


Acne Scars


Acne Marks


Back Acne Scars


Dark Elbows & Knees




Dark Eye Circles


Eye Bags & Puffiness


Wrinkles & Anti-aging


General Skin Lightening

What Customers Are Saying

Hyperpigmentation TreatmentI’m so happy with the product that I ordered not 1, not 2, but 3 different bottles because this stuff is so good and I just didn’t want to run out.

Fahylando J.

Scar Removal CreamI do stunts for a living so I do get quite a few scars here and there, but I have been trying to get rid of this one particular scar in the back of my leg. This year in July I started using Meladerm and by mid September my scar was gone. So if you’re trying to get rid of scars, old scars or new scars, this is the cream for you to use.

Sharon C.

Acne Scars​I have been using Meladerm since October and it has been wonderful. LaChelle H.

Scar Removal CreamEver since I can remember, I had a dark patch under my eye. I bought Meladerm Cream and in just two months it is basically gone. I can really see the difference. Rahim

Scar Removal CreamIn 2010 I got into a car accident and due to medications, stress, depression and poor eating habits my face broke out in acne. After wasting over $500 on makeup products I finally decided it was time to find a solution to my problem and almost two years later I finally did my research and came upon Meladerm. The first week of trying it I already saw a difference and got the results I got after two months. I highly recommend it to everyone! Beverly

Scar Removal CreamMeladerm has really given me back my confidence! I had so many black spots on my face and forehead and I used Meladerm and have been going for regular facials and the results have been tremendous. I would highly recommend that everyone try this product because it can really help you feel proud in your skin!

Tyra B.

Scar Removal CreamI noticed circular dark marks mysteriously appearing all over my torso and back. The culprit; birth control. I was so depressed about the spots. I did research and stumbled across Meladerm on an online forum about hyperpigmentation. I pur chased two bottles and after two months went by, I noticed an INCREDIBLE improvement. A word of advice to those considering using Meladerm; BE PATIENT! Trust me, it will be worth it! Em K.

Scar Removal CreamI had very prominent sunspots on my forehead and cheekbones, around my eyes and across my top lip making me look as though I had a moustache! I started using Meladerm and I am impressed enough with the results to let others know about it. My advice to anyone reading this would be to take the jump and get Meladerm. Kathy H.

Scar Removal CreamUp until last year I was on birth control which caused the area above my lip to turn dark like a mustache. Until I found your product, I was using makeup to cover it. I used Meladerm for 2 months and the dark areas are so much lighter. Savina

Will This Work For You?

There are plenty of skincare gimmicks out there, and most of them are ridiculously expensive. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so I challenge you to do what I did: try it for yourself! Conduct your own study and see the incredible results in your mirror at home. You won’t believe YOUR before and after! Once you’ve experienced this skin savior for yourself, please leave your comments and share your success story with others, like Fahylando did. Document the progression and prove to the world that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to LOOK AND FEEL GREAT. Fahylando used both Meladerm and the AHA Exfoliating Serum to erase his hyperpigmented skin, so I suggest that you use both products together to get the fastest results possible.

For your convenience, I have provided the links that Fahylando used to order both Meladerm and AHA Exfoliating Serum at the best possible price. Remember, to get the BEST results you will want to use BOTH products together. Click the button and place your order today so you can be on your way to smooth and blemish free skin in record time.

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See Visible Results As Fast As Two Weeks!

Both Products Come With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back



The Civant Skin Care 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is offered to new customers only – they will issue a full refund, less shipping, on returned products, used or unused, post-marked within 30 days of the initial delivery date and accompanied with a RMA number. To obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and process a return, email them within 30 days of receiving your order.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the price of Meladerm?
Pricing starts at $49.99 for the 1.7oz bottle. You can save by buying multiple bottles at once.
Where can I read more Meladerm reviews?
Visit the official website to see more Meladerm reviews from actual customers.
Where can I buy Meladerm cream?
What are the ingredients in Meladerm?
For Hyperpigmentation:

  1. Alpha Arbutin
  2. ​TEGO® Cosmo C 250
  3. ​Gigawhite
  4. ​Kojic Acid
  5. ​Licorice Extract
  6. ​Niacinamide
  7. ​Mulberry Extract
  8. ​Bearberry Extract (Arbutin)
  9. ​Glycolic Acid
  10. Lactic Acid​
  11. ​Lemon Juice Extract
  12. Emblica Extract
  13. Vitamin C

​For Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles:

  1. Vitamin K
  2. Rice Bran Protein, Soybean Protein, Oxido Reductases

For Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

  1. Ceramide 2, Palmiteyl Oligopeptide
  2. Argireline®


Click here to read about these ingredients

How do I use Meladerm?
  1. Wash and dry the problem area.
  2. Apply Meladerm over the problem area.
  3. Massage Meladerm gently into your skin.
  4. Wait 10 minutes before applying your makeup or sunblock.
    (SPF 30+ if you go out in the sun)
Why can't I buy Meladerm from Amazon?
You are fully covered with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you Click Here Now to buy Meladerm through this site. There is no guarantee offered if you purchase through Amazon or any other non-affiliated websites.
Are there any side effects?

Some users with sensitive skin may experience a mild acne breakout in the first week while their skin gets comfortable with the Meladerm formulation. It’s recommended that you perform a skin test prior to use and/or consult your dermatologist or skin care professional.

Which skin concerns can Meladerm be used for?

Scroll up to see the full list. The short list is below:

  • Age Spots
  • ​Liver Spots
  • ​Sun Spots
  • Dark Spots
  • ​Melasma
  • ​Chloasma
  • Freckles
  • ​Acne Marks
  • Acne Scars
  • ​Back Acne
  • ​Old Scars
  • Birthmarks
  • Dry Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation​
  • General Skin Lightening