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 The director and cameraman also said close teeth in Vietnam

The director and cameraman also said close teeth in Vietnam. Braces help you to have a healthy teeth Your breath will change in stages, this will also affect your dental health. As your age grows, your face will become unbalanced, your teeth will clench, be worn out, may be overhanging, causing loose teeth to cause tooth loss, causing many oral diseases. In conclusion, braces now are one of the smartest decisions you can make to invest in long-lasting dental health and prevent future dental problems. Cosmetic braces do not limit age When it comes to cosmetic braces, many people still think the technique is only for children and teens. When new decay forms, they will not cause much pain, so the patient is often subjective and not treated. Only when the deep hole has eaten the pulp, the aching tooth begins to become more intense, especially when it is irritated by hot foods; cold. This is the cause of her first tooth sore teeth.

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How does bone loss affect implants?

Osteoporosis is important during implant transplantation and may warrant that the jaw bone decides more than 50% of the success or failure of an implants implant.

Bone drainage leads to implant rejection after implantation Saigon Vietnam dental implants

When the bones are destroyed, it will not be firm enough nor enough volume to implant them. Implant cylinders, due to inadequate location and not firmly fixed in the jaw bone, are rapidly eliminated, leading to the failure of implants.

In cases where the bone is destroyed more and more, the implant cylinder is destroyed as soon.

Teeth not healthy after transplant

Cases of bone destruction can still restore normal implant dentures, but the quality of the teeth after implant is not good. They can be aesthetically pleasing, but they do not perform their normal chewing function. Sometimes, because the implant cylinders loose, it will affect the eating problem. nha khoa ident

Must combine bone graft surgery

In cases where the condition of the tooth is destroyed, the doctor will need to perform more bone graft surgery to be able to implant the implant. The additional surgery will lengthen the length of treatment, the cost of implant surgery as well as the cost of travel will be much more expensive. The implementation process is also more complex and the success is not high.

Affects the success of surgery vietnam dentist prices

As mentioned above, bone loss will make implant surgery more complicated and less successful.

For the above reasons, patients should implant prosthetic implant immediately after the loss of teeth to achieve high efficiency in surgery. If you have any questions about dental implant problems and implants, please contact your dentist. nha khoa trồng răng implant

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