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while still in love with his wife teeth in Vietnam

while still in love with his wife teeth in Vietnam. Implant teeth are similar to the real teeth, prosthetics including crowns, crowns should ensure the strength and durability. Implant implants are considered cosmetically beautiful as natural teeth.
Comparison of removable dentures and implant implants: Ability to maintain bone density As we all know, losing teeth for a long time will lead to bone loss. Digestive bone significantly affects facial aesthetics, causing miscarriage. However, with Implant Implants, bone loss can be effectively remedied because the implant head is placed inside the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth root, which gives the jaw bone a firm grip will not go away. From the above, can the question of implant transplant be good? It is clear that this method is really good, highly effective in overcoming the problem of losing teeth. This method does not affect the pulp or gum tissue of the real side of the tooth and still has great effect.Hình ảnh có liên quan

Removable denture is a cosmetic restoration measures in the past have the advantage of ease of use, cleaning is also convenient and low cost. However, dentures have weaknesses that make customers feel uncomfortable when used as: Patients always feel entangled when pronouncing so when wearing dentures removable patient is not confident in communication. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Over time the denture will lose its aesthetics due to the effects of the oral environment. At the same time, prosthetic denture removal will affect the jaw bone as the bone loss so the missing teeth will be open and wide over time, so affect the function of eating regularly. For some people not used to wearing dentures often bleeding gums.

Because dentures are removable with many disadvantages, the medical science has developed more advanced methods of dental prosthetics implantation.

Teeth implant technique is the use of implant piercing with titanium implanted into the jaw bone to help create the leg as real teeth. You can restore one or more teeth to ensure aesthetics and functional eating as your real teeth. vietnam dentist prices

The implant is perfectly suited to the oral environment and the human body should be easy to adapt and not affect the health of the body.

Implant teeth are similar to natural teeth, so ensure aesthetic appearance of the face without affecting the surrounding teeth, giving you natural teeth.

Advantages of dental Implants. But implant money is always a question that many people care about because this is a method that requires high skills and modern techniques, so the cost will be much higher than the denture.

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