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my wife doesn’t talk to teeth in Vietnam

my wife doesn’t talk to teeth in Vietnam  ,Yes Good None Mini Implant is smaller than conventional implants, diameter <3mm, length 13-16mm. They are shaped like a screw and are made of Titanium material. A part of the mini implant is also inserted into the jaw in the position of missing teeth, the upper part is attached to the attachment, placed in the denture, helping the dentist to stabilize the patient eat chewing easily. Mini implant implants are used for cases of missing teeth or full jaw. The jawbone of the patient is narrow, but the patient does not want to implant the jaw bone. Loss of teeth too long, jaw bone is not qualified to plug Implant normal. Removal of the implant is a method of restoring lost teeth by implant cylinders fixed to the inside of the jaw, then attach dentures of the same size, shape and color as the real teeth prevents bone loss Flexible adaptability.

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Removable implant denture

Usually there are two options for you: implants combined with fixed dentures or removable dentures.

Among the removable dentures, the removable implant is of the highest quality with the same strength as the real teeth. The removable denture on the implant can satisfy chewing needs in a variety of food types, including hard and relatively tough forms of food. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Implant denture removal method is a prosthetic implant denture mounted on the implant. The implant is fixed to the jaw bone to provide a firm grip for the upper teeth with any material.

Using implants (or mini implants) on each of the prosthetic supports for the entire denture, where dentures are attached to the implants, the task of the implant is to hold the denture to restore function. Chewing gum and aesthetic like real teeth.

The lower cost, but the durability and comfort of chewing is not equal to the fixed prosthesis.

Advantages of removable dentures compared with other removable dentures

Removable dentures cannot stabilize on the jaws: The bone loss on the teeth loss function causes the jaw wave cannot hold the denture anymore, reinforcing the anchor block by Implant or replace the fixed jaw on the implants is the solution smart choice. vietnam dentist prices

The removable denture mounted on the implant will have a strong jaw base and grip that is almost identical to the real teeth, not leaning against the gum so it will not hurt to cause gum pain. anxiety is long, jaw function.

Teeth on the porcelain jaw should be full of aesthetic features, durable and benign with the body.

The porcelain material is the basis for this type of denture to achieve full dental restoration.

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